The Competition Guidelines is a detailed document that provides prize-specific information surrounding the Grand Challenge, the solutions to be developed, and the competition timeline.


XPRIZE believes that solutions can come from anyone, anywhere. Scientists, engineers, academics, entrepreneurs, and other innovators with new ideas from all over the world are invited to form a team and register to compete.

Note: The competition is void in those countries where prohibited or restricted by law. XPRIZE reserves the right to limit, or restrict upon notice, participation in the competition to any person or entity at any time for any reason. Teams may withdraw as set forth in the Competitor Agreement.


Teams will be responsible for funding their own technology development costs.


All registered teams must submit a detailed competition plan describing how they will develop their avatar solution. The Judging Panel will select up to 25 qualified teams to enter the Main Competition.

Two Milestone Competitions will allow teams to demonstrate their technologies and compete for two $1 million prize purses. The Finals competition will require teams to show their avatars completing three complex series of tasks that demonstrate how avatars might be used in the future. A Grand Prize of $8 million will be awarded at the Finals.


To ensure that the competition is fair to competing teams, XPRIZE will appoint the following two panels:


XPRIZE will recruit an Advisory Board composed of experts. XPRIZE will seek to ensure the expertise of the Advisory Board is diverse enough to understand and advise on a variety of approaches. This board will remain in place throughout the competition to advise XPRIZE regarding the competition.


XPRIZE will recruit a highly-qualified Judging Panel. XPRIZE will seek to ensure the expertise of the Judging Panel is diverse enough to fairly evaluate the various technologies and approaches that teams may develop during the competition. The Judging Panel will convene to collaborate, review guidelines, ask questions, and ensure that they are fully able to judge the competition in a fair and appropriate manner.


  • Draft Competition Guidelines (PDF ): The Guidelines describe the requirements and parameters of the competition.
  • Competitor Agreement: The legally-binding contract that contains the requirements of the competition. All competing teams must sign this in order to compete.
  • Rules and Regulations: The Rules and Regulations will be published from time to time during the competition, detailing the testing protocols, specific rules, dates/times, and other details that will govern the competition.

We welcome public comments on these draft ANA Avatar XPRIZE Competition Guidelines. Please send all comments to [email protected]. The public comment period closes on June 22, 2018. Following the public comment period, XPRIZE will issue updated Guidelines that describe the prize structure and technical specifications.

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