John Raymonds

Benefactor of the Global Learning XPRIZE

BS in EE from MIT, took over the leadership of a family plastic packaging business in 1993 after father’s passing. Turned around the business, then facing certain bankruptcy, by acting as an investor rather than operator — hiring new leadership and focusing on acquisition in a consolidating industry. Joined a plastic packing startup in The Netherlands in 1995. Partnered with First Atlantic Capital in 2004 to further expand the domestic business. Sold the domestic business in 2008 for $500 million which translated into over a 10x return on cash in four years. Sold the European business in 2015 for 42 million Euro. Completely out of plastic packaging and now a full time investor in other industries. Major investments include: Bulletproof 360, Good Money, Moon Express, Tocagen, Level Blends, Capitalogix, ZHRO Power, HeroX, Front Row Education (now Freckle), and Bron Media. Bron Media is the holding company for Bron Studios which is the original startup partnered with in 2011. Today Bron Media has grown into a group of companies with locations in Canada, the United States, and the UK including Bron Animation, Bron Creative, Bron USA Ventures, and Media Res. Of particular note is holding a record for the largest sale at a film festival (for BIRTH OF A NATION sold to Fox Searchlight) and the largest television deal (For the untitled Aniston-Witherspoon drama sold to Apple). Bron films hold five academy nominations to date with one win for Viola Davis, Best Supporting Actress, FENCES. In addition to investing — member of Innovation Board for XPRIZE Foundation, benefactor of the Global Learning XPRIZE, member of TIGER 21 (previously a member of Vistage), member of Genius Network 25k Group.