Noel Graham

Noel Graham

Research Analyst

Noel joined XPRIZE as a Research Analyst with nearly a decade of experience in biological research, science communication, and data management.

Prior to XPRIZE, Noel worked and presented on research topics ranging across evolution, ecology, and systematic biology at world renowned institutions and events across the nation. They received a Bachelor's of Science in Zoology from University of California Santa Barbara, and a Master’s of Science in Ecology and Systematic Biology from San Francisco State University. Their thesis and continued research focused on independent molecular and field research on an annual plant species distributed across the California Floristic Province.

In addition to research, Noel’s experience with science communication began on the museum public floor as a Curatorial Assistant at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. This quickly led to curriculum and activity development for science classes from K-12 to non-biology major undergraduates.

Noel believes that to excel at research, gathered information must be organized and translated into appropriate and engaging formats for the target audience; knowledge must be both accessible and digestible to promote an equitable future for all humans, species, and systems on this planet.

In Noel’s free time they like to stay true to their roots and be outside, be it camping with their dog, volunteering with habitat restoration along the Los Angeles River, or simply enjoying a California beach day.