Competing Teams

The Qualified Teams will develop their Avatar Systems over the course of 2020. They will then demonstrate their Avatar Systems in the Semifinals in 2021, where they will vie to become one of up to 20 teams to advance to the Finals, which will be held in 2022. View the list below to find out where each team is from, and click on a team name to learn more about that team.

Team Name     City          Country
EnterpriseRobotics     Bendigo           Australia           
Tinkery     Sydney          Australia          
Krom     São Paulo          Brazil          
AVAReach     Montréal          Canada          
Guidebolt     Toronto          Canada          
Kimaera Dynamics     Montréal          Canada          
Scaphand     Montréal          Canada          
ENZO AVATAR     Bucaramanga          Colombia          
proRobot     Vysoké Mýto          Czech Republic          
Augnition     Helsinki          Finland          
Morpheus Avatar Systems     Berlin          Germany          
NimbRo     Bonn          Germany          
Roboy     Munich          Germany          
Aham     Bengaluru          India          
Robot Guru     Mysuru          India          
STE Robotics     Mumbai          India          
Virtual Sapiens     Chennai          India          
AlterEgo     Genoa          Italy          
iCub     Genoa          Italy          
Sant'Anna Team     Pisa          Italy          
ADAWARP     Tokyo          Japan          
FRJ-DOKAROBO     Saga city          Japan          
GITAI     Tokyo          Japan          
H2L     Tokyo          Japan          
Janus     Tsukuba          Japan          
Junnichi Suko     Tokyo          Japan          
Last Mile – Another Small World Project     Osaka          Japan          
Mira Robotics     Kawasaki-shi          Japan          
N Robotics     Osaka          Japan          
Radical Bodies     Yokohama          Japan          
Synapse     Tokyo          Japan          
Team JSK     Tokyo          Japan          
Telexistence     Tokyo          Japan          
X-Presence     Kobe          Japan          
AI-Technologies     Amman          Jordan          
RB5     Daejeon          Korea, South          
Team SNU     Seoul          Korea, South          
Team UNIST     Ulsan          Korea, South          
INBIODROID     Irapuato          Mexico          
i-Botics     Utrecht          Netherlands          
VReeSense     Eindhoven          Netherlands          
ITIS.LAB     Moscow          Russia          
Kleiber Bionics LLC     Moscow          Russia          
NeuroRobotics     Dolgoprudny          Russia          
Limitless     Lugano          Switzerland          
FIBO     Bangkok          Thailand          
Catalyst AIX     Bradford          United Kingdom          
Cyberselves     Sheffield          United Kingdom          
Touchlab     Edinburgh          United Kingdom          
1to1Robotics LLC     Hackensack          United States          
AvaDynamics     Pittsburgh          United States          
Avatar Quest     San Jose          United States          
AvatarMEDIC     Los Angeles          United States          
AVATRINA     Durham          United States          
BellaSense     Hillsboro          United States          
BellContinuous     Arlington          United States          
Boston University RAILS     Boston          United States          
Virtual Vegas (DASL-UNLV)     Las Vegas          United States          
Emerge     Marina Del Rey          United States          
EVOLUTIONX     Columbus          United States          
Forged Droids     Phoenix          United States          
Hermes     Cambridge          United States          
Human Fusions     Cleveland          United States          
Lindblom Robotics     Manchester          United States          
OffWorld     Pasadena          United States          
Paracosma     San Francisco          United States          
PRIME     Cypress          United States          
Rezilient     St. Louis          United States          
Robotics Services LLC     Providence          United States          
Sensum Ex Machina     Torrance          United States          
Steel City Avatars     Pittsburgh          United States          
Team Northeastern     Boston          United States          
Telemediators Alliance     Pasadena          United States          
TeleX Robotics     New Haven          United States          
VolksDroid     Vallejo          United States          
Young Gracehoppers (Cedro Robotics)     Stanford          United States